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This function allows you to add a sale for a specific affiliate. To use this function, you must make a SOAP call with the following parameters:

  • orderid - OPTIONAL: Your unique orderid that will be associated with the Offerit customer record (This is a value you determine on your end and pass it in)
  • amount - The amount spent on the offer by the customer (optional)
  • offeritcode - This can be either the encoded, un-encoded, or shortname version of the OfferIt Code. You can take this code out of the URL during a conversion and just pass it along. This will tell Offerit which offer, landing page, commission, and affiliate this traffic is for.
  • customer - OPTIONAL: The name of the array used to pass in customer data with the following elements:
    • username - The customer's User Name
    • subscriptionid - The customer ID used to identify this subscription for any future transactions
    • password - The customer's Password
    • firstname - The customer's First name
    • lastname - The customer's Last name
    • address1 - The customer's Address
    • address2 - The customer's Address 2
    • zip - The customer's Zip Code
    • city - The customer's City
    • country - The customer's Country
    • state - The customer's State
    • ip - strtolong value of the customers IP
    • shipping_firstname - The customer's Shipping First name
    • shipping_lastname - The customer's Shipping Last name
    • shipping_address1 - The customer's Shipping Address
    • shipping_address2 - The customer's Shipping Address 2
    • shipping_zip - The customer's Shipping Zip Code
    • shipping_city - The customer's Shipping City
    • shipping_country - The customer's Shipping Country
    • shipping_state - The customer's Shipping State
    • phone - The customer's Phone Number
    • email - The customer's Email Address
    • mailok - Can Offerit send the customer an Email?
    • custom1 - Store custom data about the customer
    • custom2 - Store custom data about the customer
    • custom3 - Store custom data about the customer
    • custom4 - Store custom data about the customer
    • custom5 - Store custom data about the customer
    • refurl - The referring url of the customer
  • currency - OPTIONAL: The three-letter abbreviation of the currency type
  • time - OPTIONAL: The time the sale occurred as a string representation of a date

NuSOAP Example

This example continues from the main article NuSOAP Example:

$values = Array(
$result = $client->call('set_aff_sales_add', $values, 'offeritapiadmin_wsdl');

Sample Output

On success:
  array(3) {
    ["message"]=>string(11) "Add Success"
    ["orderid"]=>string(9) "ABCDEFGHI"
On error:
      error message