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This function allows you to set the status for a specfic affiliate. To use this function, you must make a SOAP call with the following parameters:

  • affid - (required) The ID of the affiliate.
  • subaff - (required) The id of the sub affiliate you want changed.
  • status - (required) Can pass in values 0 or 'pending', 1 or 'approved' or 'active', 2 or 'banned'

NuSOAP Example

This example continues from the main article NuSOAP Example:

$values = Array(
    'affid' => 1,
    'subaff' => 1,	 
    'status' => 'active'
$result = $client->call('set_subaff_status', $values, 'offeritapiadmin_wsdl');

Sample Output

	on success:
		Status: SUCCESS
	on failure:
		error message or
		Status: FAILURE