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Void Conversions Remotely

You can void any conversion recorded remotely by sending a post to the process_void.php script. This will allow you to automate voiding transactions in your system so you don't have to manually void customer transactions in the Customers Admin. (

When a void is recorded for a transaction the amount of revenue recorded for that transaction will be deducted from your Profit and Loss reports. Also, your offers will (by default) remove any affiliate payout given to the affiliate for that conversion.

A transaction may only be voided if you can supply the orderid of the transaction. This means that your system must create a unique orderid when a conversion occurs and the pixel for this conversion must contain the orderid.

Enabling Void Posts

Before voids can be posted to your network, you must first enable this feature in the Misc section of the Configuration Admin by checking the setting named "Allow Remote Void Posts".

Posting a Void Transaction


  • orderid - The orderid of the conversion/transaction you are trying to void.
  • click_hash/transaction_hash - (optional) The click_hash/transaction_hash of the transaction being voided.
  • type - (optional) This is an optional parameter for recording voids. (Can be sent as either "void" or you can omit this parameter.)
  • approved - (optional) If you want to void a pending transaction that has been approved, pass in the "orderid" of the pending transaction and set this parameter to "1".



Posting a Chargeback Transaction


  • orderid - The orderid of the conversion/transaction you are trying to chargeback.
  • click_hash/transaction_hash - (optional) The click_hash/transaction_hash of the transaction being charged back.
  • type - (optional) This is a required parameter for recording chargebacks. (This must be set to "chargeback".)
  • cost - (optional) This is an optional parameter that can be set to add a transaction fee for processing the chargeback. By default, this fee will be deducted from the referring affiliate's payout. For example, If you want the chargeback fee to be $25.00, you would set this parameter to "25.00".



Reversing a Void or Chargeback Transaction


  • reverse - This parameter is required to reverse a void/chargeback transaction and must be set to 1.


To protect your system and prevent fraudulent transactions from being recorded, you can restrict which IP addresses can send posts to process_void.php. To do this, edit the landing page of the offer you are trying to restrict postbacks for, then enter the comma-separated list of IP addresses in the field named "Secure Landing Page Void IPs".