Blocked Traffic Reasons

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The default destination for undeliverable traffic is banned.php on the same domain as the tracking link. This can be changed under the Fraud section of the configuration admin.

Blocked Reasons

  • 1: Blacklisted IP (manual) -- Check IP Blacklist Admin
  • 2: Blacklisted IP (automated) -- Check IP Blacklist Admin
  • 3: Fraud / Proxy Blocked -- Check proxy detection settings
  • 4: Geo IP restrition -- Check authorized countries for the offer
  • 5: Returning Surfer -- Check offer for either prevent cookie duplicates or prevent duplicate ip conversions
  • 6: Offer Unavailable -- Check start and end dates for offer and landing page
  • 7: Infinite Redirect -- Check for redirects that form loops
  • 8: Disallowed Affiliate -- Check that the affiliate is allowed in the landing page.
  • 9: Bad Link -- Check the affiliates link - usually means there is a & where there should be a ?
  • 10: Empty Link Group -- Make sure there are link items in this link group.
  • 11L Blacklisted Domain -- Fraud settings are blocking traffic based on the domain of the referring url.
  • 12: Banned subaffiliate -- The subaffiliate for this link has been blocked.