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Terms commonly used in Offerit documentation.

The Terms

Affiliate Manager

A special affiliate account, created by your Network, who can manage other affiliates. See Affiliate Managers.

Admin (Webpage)

The administration interface in Offerit.

Admin (Person, Offerit)

Anyone from your Network with Admin access, or who your Network has given Admin access to.


A special type of affiliate who has his own offers which the Network can utilize.


A person who makes referrals to one or more offers.


An affiliate linkcode customized with its own creative, SubID set, etc, and can have its own unique postbacks. See Campaigns.


An expiration of a customer record. See also: Expire


Occurs when a customer transaction is reversed. Usually accompanied by a fee from the biller (a bank, paypal, etc) for the reversal. Compare with Void.


Defines how affiliates get paid. Each offer has its own Commission.

Commission Changes

Special commission rules in a commission. See Commission Changes.

Confirmation Page

The page used by the owner of an offer to denote an offer (or sale) has been completed.


Any sale after the customer's first sale within a set period.

Continuity Amount

The amount recorded for repeated customer sales within the time frame for continuity.


A term that is used whenever a visitor completes an offer or sale.


(Cost per thousand) This term is used to describe the commission type that pays out affiliates for every 1000 impressions.


Any advertisement tracked by Offerit. Includes landing page.


A refund issued to a customer. Most credits are chargebacks.


Any visitor that has completed an offer.


The fully qualified domain name of your Offerit server. See Tracking Domain.


Removing a customer's access. Most customers expire after 30 days. See also: Cancel


The geographic location of an Internet protocol (IP) address. For example, the IP address,, is registered in Weehawken, NJ, USA.


An affiliate statistic used to describe whenever a creative is downloaded or displayed to visitors.

Initial Amount

The amount recorded for a customer's transaction when they complete an offer for the first time. Initial amounts are tied to an offer's landing pages.

Landing Page

A page containing preview content for an offer. Offers can have multiple landing pages.


A referral URL tracked by Offerit. See Linkcode.


The Offerit software platform.

Network (Person)

Refers to the person(s) or company who has purchased the Offerit software, creates offers, and pays out affiliates.


A product, service, or lead that a visitor can preview and complete to become a customer.


The Offer affiliate tracking software.


An encoded string of letters and numbers that contain information such as the affiliate, offer, landing page a to which a visitor's traffic is linked. See Offeritcode.


An admin's ability to temporarily become an existing affiliate and view their statistics. See Affiliate Override.


An affiliate who shares in part of an offer's total profit.


The method by which the Network sends payments to affiliates.

Payment Dump

A file containing a list of transactions to be executed by the payment processor or imported into an accounting commission like Intuit Quickbooks.


The act of paying an affiliate through a Payvia using the commission rules.


  • Affliate: The amount time between payment cycles. By default, Offerit payment cycles are bi-monthly, beginning on the 1st and 16th of the month.

Pixel Tracking

A way to track sales by displaying a pixel, otherwise invisible to the customer which triggers a tracking script, telling Offerit that an offer has been completed. See Tracking in Offerit.


A web browser window opened by a JavaScript function. Offerit can show different popups to different visitor using a popup chain.

Popup Chain

The programing logic that determines when and which popup is displayed.


A special URL used to send customer account information to Offerit.


A credit.


A type of Conversion where a product or service is actually sold.


An internal reference name for objects tracked by Offerit. Shortnames must be unique and cannot contain spaces or special characters.


The layout of your Offerit installation. Different user types have different skins.


A SubAffiliate (SubAff) is an outside person who helps an affiliate in promoting the Netowork's offers.


An Offerit feature that lets affiliates track and organize their promotions for your offers.

SubID Set

A collection of SubIDs used to organize your traffic.

Tracking Domain

An offer's subdomain that points to the Network. For example: the site could have the tracking domain See Tracking Domain.


Anyone that clicks on an affiliate tracking link or visits your offer. May become a customer.


A cancelled transaction, as though the transaction never occurred. Compare with Chargeback.