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The Offeritcode is the special part of a URL that Offerit uses to credit an affiliate and record statistics. The Offeritcode is different for each affiliate, offer, and creative. To get the Offeritcode, start with an affiliate's linkcode. For example:

The Offeritcode is the arbitrary string that follows track/ -- NS41LjE3LjE3LjAuMS4yLjMuMC4wLjAuMA in this case. The Offeritcode won't always be at the end of a URL. For example:

The Offeritcode also doesn't always follow track. For example:

In most Offerit URLs, the Offeritcode is easy to identify because it's the only word that doesn't resemble English.

See our Linkcode article for more information about offeritcodes.