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An offer is a lead, product or service that a visitor can complete to become a customer. Most offer administration happens in the Offers Admin.

Types of Offers

Offerit tracks traffic for two different offer types.

Offer Methods

Offerit provides you with multiple ways to record a conversion or sale. By selecting a conversion method, Offerit will build your conversion links or codes you can use to display or postback when a visitor reaches the confirmation page of an offer. These are some examples of what the different conversion tracking links will look like:

  • iFrame: Offerit will generate a HTML snippet including an IFRAME that must be included on the approval page for this offer. This method allows your affiliates to set up their own pixels that will also fire on conversion.
 <iframe src="" height=1 width=1></iframe>
  • Image pixel: Offerit will generate a HTML snippet including an IMG tag that must be included on the approval page for this offer. This method DOES NOT allow your affiliates to set up own pixels.
 <img src="" height=1 width=1/>
  • Postback: Offerit will generate a URL that the server recording the conversion must post to. Because the server is informing Offerit directly, the visitor's browser is not involved. Postbacks must include the Clickid sent with the visitor. This method allows your affiliates to set up own pixels that will also fire on conversion.

There are numerous parameters you can pass in these links, but you must include one of the following parameters for proper tracking:

  • oid - The Offer ID
  • lpid or landing_pageid - The Landing Page ID

Offer and Tracking Basics

Offerit tracks incoming traffic through multiple areas of your offer. A visitor will first go through the Offerit tracking script, where basic tracking information is first obtained. They will then go through the landing page, then complete the offer, ending with a confirmation page.

This lets Offerit track referrals and purchases made by customers without having to host your offer's content. Although visitors will be redirected through the Offerit server, an Tracking Domain will hide the Offerit server from the visitor, giving the appearance of staying on the same server throughout their browsing.

Each offer can hold one or more landing pages that visitors can go through. Each landing page can contain several options-- to edit your landing page settings, click the Edit button under the landing page you would like to affect:

  • The URL lets Offerit send traffic to your landing page.
  • The Tracking Domain lets you set a domain to use for affiliate link codes.
  • The Authorized Countries lets you select which countries are eligible to promote an offer.
  • The Language & GeoIP Targetting lets you specify the Allowed Languages. If the visitor's language is not in the allowed list, Offerit redirects them to the Alternative URL. You may also specify language-specific redirects.
  • Threshold Checking sends an e-mail to the Commission Owner (or whoever you choose) if your offer's sale to view ratio drops below a specified level.

Offer Partners

Offerit lets you turn affiliates into partners that share in the total revenue of a specific offer. You can set the percentage the partner gets paid and deduct expenses. For more information, please see our Offerit Offer Partner article.

Note: Offers may have more than one offer partner, but Offerit won't stop you from paying your offer partners more than 100% of your total revenue.